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Nino Garden Gnome

by Plato Design


Born from the collaboration between Plato Design and the designer Pellegrino Cucciniello, Nino investigates, with a touch of irony, how language and imagery can overturn the perception of a kitsch icon, the garden gnome, giving it a new and well-deserved dignity.

The union of low-poly imagery and Italian hand-worked monochromatic cement was the key to restoring dignity to this object. His refined materials, calibrated geometric abstraction and imperceptible optical corrections make each Nino unique and highly desirable.


Each Nino is handmade in Italy in Rome's workshop, where we meticulously check the quality of materials to offer a reliable and durable product.


  • MATERIAL: concrete, brass
  • SIZE: 13x10x36 cm (5’’x 4’’x14’’)
  • WEIGHT: 3,5 kg (7.7 lb)
  • USE: indoor and outdoor
  • AVAILABLE COLORS: Beton (grey), Ivory (white), Flamingo (pink)



  • PROCESSING TIME: 5-10 working days 
  • DELIVERY TIME: it depends on destinations, please check shipping page 

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