Esse Lamp Crowdfunding Campaign FAQ

When will I receive my lamp?

As soon as the crowd-funding campaign is over we will start the production of the moulds, which will take us 15 days. We will then start using the cement, assuming a production of 10 lamps per day. This means that the first lamps will be ready about a month after the end of the campaign, the others to follow.

Why do you donate to Lang Europe Onlus Foundation?

As Plato Design is a company based in Italy, we have to donate through the local transnational giving Europe partner of the Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund of the World Health Organization, that is Lang Europe Onlus Foundation.

How can I be sure that my money is donated to the Lang Europe Onlus Foundation in support of the Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund of the World Health Organization?

At the end of the campaign we will send proof of the donation to all supporters by e-mail.

What type of light bulb do I need to buy to complete the lamp?

If you live in Europe, Australia or Asia you need to buy an E14 bulb. If you live in the U.S. or Canada, you must purchase an E12 bulb.

Can I choose the colour of the lamp?

Yes, you can choose the colour when clicking on "Get this perk" button.

First time on Indiegogo?

What is Indiegogo and how does crowdfunding work?

Indiegogo is a platform to fund ingenious, work-in-progress products and ideas. Although contributing to a campaign is not the same as purchasing a product, when you support a crowdfunding project, you help bring ideas to life! Learn more.

How do I select a perk that interests me on this page?

On desktop, you’ll see a list with all available perks on the right hand side of the page. Click on the perk you want, then click the "Get This Perk" button to be redirected to the payment page. If you're on a mobile device, scroll up to see all available perks.

How do I ask the project owner a question?

If you’ve already backed this campaign, you can leave a comment on the Comments tab, or send the project owner a direct message. Otherwise, you may be able to contact the project owner through their website or social media accounts. Learn more.

Already contributed to this project?

Can I change the shipping address for my perk?

In most cases, yes. Here’s how to do it. However, if the project has already started to ship perks, or if you need to change your country, you’ll need to contact the project owner in order to request any changes.

Can I change the item, or perk, I selected?

You’ll need to contact the project owner directly to request any change to perks, like color or quantity.

Can I ask Indiegogo for a refund?

Indiegogo does not guarantee that the perks offered by the campaigner will be produced or delivered and is not directly responsible for refunding contributions. Learn more about our Refund policy.